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Help! I Need Insurance and Don’t Know Where to Start.

Whether you’ve just purchased a new car, rented or bought a new home, or are looking to protect your business, you need insurance. This leaves most people with a tough decision to make. Who should I buy insurance from? A quick Google search will show that there are a daunting variety of choices. With all the options out there, how do you know which is best for your needs? Let’s review a few options and talk about the differences.

Option One: Online Quoting

Welcome to the option that is likely to get you the most phone calls. If you’ve ever requested insurance quotes online, you’ve probably experienced the barrage of telemarketing that follows. Websites that offer to compare rates for you are especially guilty. 

The other option is to get an online quote directly from the insurance company. This will usually lead to fewer phone calls than the option above, but the process of filling out multiple quote forms takes a long time and quotes aren’t usually “apples to apples”. Although many people assume that cutting out the middleman will lead to cheaper prices, the overall costs of such insurance programs might not be worth it in the long run. 

A quote from one company is usually extremely limited in what it offers. You’ll recognize this by the use of cookie cutter forms and packages designed to fit all needs. These don’t typically offer personalized solutions or reviews. This can lead to purchasing more insurance than is needed or leaving holes in coverage. This can leave the client paying more and dealing with potential out of pocket expenses for claims that aren’t covered. 

Option Two: Company Direct Agents

We all know at least one. These are the insurance agents who work for insurance companies but are real people you can speak to in a neighborhood office setting. They can help you customize an insurance program based on your individual needs, but usually with one rather large problem. They typically only have access to one insurance company. Although they can provide a semi-custom-tailored solution based on the offerings of the company they represent, they aren’t able to shop around to give you a choice in options or to compare prices. 

The limitation in offerings leads to a lot of the same downfalls as searching for quotes online. Although there is the advantage of better service and working with a real-life person who understands your individual needs, they are at a disadvantage in choices when it comes to helping to solve insurance problems and in providing truly customized solutions. Comparison shopping with live agents will take even longer than shopping for online quotes and you still get the same limited results.

Option Three: Independent Insurance Agents

Surprisingly enough, there is a third option that many people don’t know about. Independent insurance agents like Meridian Insurance Services work for the client and represent multiple insurance companies. They present the customer to the insurance companies with whom they have relationships to ideally get them competing for the customer’s business. They can provide truly customized solutions since they have access to a wide variety of insurance companies and understand each product. 

The other benefit of using an independent insurance agent such as Meridian is that they will do the shopping for you. Instead of spending hours filling out multiple requests for quotes online an independent insurance agent can do the comparison shopping and explain the differences in a way that is understandable. They have their client’s best interests at heart since they don’t work for the insurance companies. 

Another benefit of working with an independent agent is that there is a real person who goes to work shopping insurance, answering questions, and providing customer service. Because they work with many insurance companies, they can provide competitive quotes, top notch customer service, and are able to find the insurance that best serves every customer. 

Of the three options discussed, this is the only choice in which the needs of the client always come first. Personalized service, competitive pricing, and placing customer needs first makes working with an independent insurance agent a must. Meridian Insurance Services prides itself on being the best independent insurance agency in Northern Nevada. Let us show you what we can do.