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Elena Thormählen-Conforti
Elena Thormählen-Conforti
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Meridian Insurance Services - Carson City, NV
Fax Number (775) 883-1929
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Elena was born and raised in Reno and is a graduate of Arizona State University. She’s been helping business owners achieve and protect their dreams for several years and is excited to bring that passion to her position at Meridian. She and her husband keep a full house complete with a toddler girl, a baby boy, 2 dogs, a cat and four chickens. She loves bluegrass music and music festivals and is slowly learning to play the fiddle and mandolin. She loves the outdoors including camping, hiking, Nevada sunsets and gardening. She also enjoys cooking, empowering girls through coaching and mentorship, and portraying a wide variety of barnyard animals for her children’s amusement.