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Roger Cole
Roger Cole
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Director of Risk Management

Meridian Insurance Services - Carson City, NV
Fax Number (775) 883-1929
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Roger is a “Local” boy, graduating from both Elko High School and the University of NV Reno. Roger is married with 3 boys and 1 daughter and now that he and his wife are empty nesters, his golf handicap is in single digits! Roger is very active in his church and also considers himself a “nerd” who “played sports well!” If you were to walk into his office you would know immediately that he is a Science Fiction aficionado by all of the “Trekkie” paraphernalia. Roger has been in the insurance industry for 30+ years and his focus is primarily on commercial insurance although his knowledge of insurance extends to a broad range of coverages. Let him take care of all of your insurance needs.